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Beneath the Ben

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A beautiful selection of new compositions inspired by the beauty of Highland Perthshire, especially The Ben; Ben-y-Vrackie.

Composed and played by Muriel Johnstone


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CD Contents

  1. Fingask Gathering
  2. Zoboe
  3. The Ben
  4. The First Curlews of Spring
  5. Fetlar Magic
  6. As Aye
  7. Captain Tom’s Walk for the N.H.S.
  8. The Waltz that Never Happened
  9. Aite Iomallach
  10. Christine
  11. The Faskally Raindrop
  12. Lydia’s Garden
  13. Autumn Colours Along the Garry
  14. Platinum

Sound bytes:

Fingask Gathering Fingask Gathering

The Ben The Ben

Fetlar magic Fetlar Magic

Lydia’s Garden Lydia’s Garden

Autumn Colours Along the Garry Autumn Colours Along the Garry



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4 reviews for Beneath the Ben

  1. Neil Scott (verified owner)

    I must say what an absolutely delightful CD this is. Certainly one for the car. As always Muriel is a pleasure to listen to. Looking forward to her next one.

  2. Lydia Hedge (verified owner)

    How can I possibly express how I feel listening to this new CD.
    I felt as if I were INSIDE a raindrop!!! The clear and bright sound (e.g. First Curlew, but ALL of the tracks, really.)
    Fun to hear the few familiar tunes (Capt Tom, Da’ Rain, Waltz)

    Immediate reactions – The Hike – fascinating rhythm. I bubbled over the Burn.And heard Ravens in Silent Sentinels (didn’t I?), but wasn’t quite sure when the Summit was reached. The Descent felt like a pell mell race to the bottom and then a blessed release..

    I love every note!! I can’t have it playing in the background. I feel the need to engage with the patterns and weaves.

    Under The Ben has transported me. No wonder Ghillie wants to sing along!!

  3. Maureen

    What a really wonderful CD, such easy listening which makes you feel so relaxed – the stresses of the day simply fall away. Muriel’s compositions are always so tuneful and melodic and you get wonderful pictures in your head of babbling burns, swift flowing rivers, raindrops and wind in the trees.

  4. Fiona Grant

    Muriel’s light and expressive touch on the piano is as varied as the Scottish weather can be when out walking Beneath the Ben. Her melodies flow like stream water, sometimes rushing over the stones and boulders in a hurry, sometimes meandering gracefully through deep pools. The tunes are evocative of both the dramatic highland landscapes of her homeland and the ever-changing colours of the fertile fields and woodlands, while others reflect on a very personal moment. This music collection will remind listeners of past times spent with valued friends in the lovely Scottish countryside, and some of us will be very homesick indeed.

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