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Dancing on Air


12 dances devised by Bill Zobel and Muriel Johnstone


Music for these dances is recorded on the CD  ‘Dancing on Air

played by Muriel who also composed the original tunes.

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  1. Ayrshire Craig                                8×32 bar Reel
  2. Mrs Jappy’s Measure                   8×32 bar Strathspey
  3. Denise’s Delight                           4×32 bar Jig
  4. The Paris Celebration Medley   5x (32b Str + 32b Reel)
  5. The Paris Celebration Medley   3x (32b Str + 32b Reel)
  6. Fran’s Fancy                                  4×32 bar Strathspey
  7. Twelfth Night Revels                   8×40 bar Jig
  8. The Buckie Loon                          8×32 bar Reel
  9. The Dilemma                                3x (48b Str + 48b Slow Jig)
  10. October in Rechberg                   3×32 bar Strathspey
  11. Miss Emily Gordon’s Jig              8×32 bar Jig
  12. David’s Delight                             8×32 bar Strathspey
  13. The 50th Parallel                         5×48 bar Reel

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