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Full Circle


Ian Robertson ~ accordion and fiddle

Muriel Johnstone ~ piano and bass

Music for the dances in Roy Goldrings book of dances A Reel for Alice

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  1. A Reel for Alice                    5×32 bar Reel
  2. Bristol Fashion                     3×32 bar Strathspey
  3. The Bruce that Was           8×32 bar Jig
  4. The Deeside Wanderer     1×64 bar Strathspey
  5. Full Circle                             4×32 bar Jig
  6. In Balance                            8×32 bar Reel
  7. The Innes Dancers             4×32 bar Reel
  8. Kildonan Sands                  3×32 bar Strathspey
  9. The Maunby Reel              8×32 bar Reel
  10. Memories                            3×32 bar Strathspey
  11. The Morrison Measure      5×32 bar Reel
  12. One Pair of Hands              4×32 bar Strathspey
  13. The Quaker’s Daughter     3×32 bar Strathspey
  14. The Right Way Up              8×32 bar Jig
  15. Well Kent                             3×32 bar Strathspey
  16. Yorkshire Lasses                8×32 bar Jig

Sample of A Reel for Alice         A Reel for Alice

Sample of One Pair of Hands    One Pair of Hands

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