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Live from Birnam


Celebration Concert Recorded Live from Birnam

With Muriel Johnstone, Jim Lindsay,

Ian Robertson & Pete Clark

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  1. Tribute to Christine        (Piano ~ Muriel Johnstone)
  2. Tribute to Linda             (Piano ~ Muriel Johnstone)
  3. When Reality Dawns      (Fiddle ~ Ian Robertson)
  4. The Baron’s Piper           (Accordion ~ Jim Lindsay)
  5. Sir George Clerk of Penicuik    (Fiddle ~ Pete Clark)
  6. Muriel’s Family Set         (Piano ~ Muriel Johnstone)
  7. Cianalas                          (Accordion ~ Jim Lindsay)
  8. Lady Charlotte Campbell          (Fiddle ~ Ian Robertson)
  9. Masquerade                    (Accordion ~ Jim Lindsay & Ian Robertson)
  10. The Silent Sentinels         (Piano ~ Muriel Johnstone)
  11. The Drinks Set                 (Fiddle ~ Pete Clark)
  12. Root Beer Rag                 (Accordion ~ Jim Lindsay)

Sample of When Reality Dawns            When Reality Dawns

Sample of Cianalas                               Cianalas

Sample of Root Beer Rag                     Root Beer Rag


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