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Reel On


Jim Lindsay ~ Accordion

Muriel Johnstone ~ Piano

Playing music for Roy Goldring’s Social and Graded 3 book of dances

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Two masters of their trade playing superb music for the dance.

The tracks on this CD;

  1. The Pipe Opener   (5×32 bar Jig)
  2. In Traditional Mode   (8×32 bar Strathspey)
  3. Time to Meet   (4×32 bar Reel)
  4. A Starter for Ten   (5×32 bar Jig)
  5. Caerlaverock Castle   (3×32 bar Strathspey)
  6. The Mountain Stream   (8×32 bar Reel)
  7. It Should be Fun   (4×32 bar Jig)
  8. Rannoch Moor   (5×32 bar Strathspey
  9. Reel On   (4×32 bar Reel)
  10. Uncle Bill’s Jig   (8×32 bar Jig)
  11. The Pleasure is Mine   (8×32 bar Strathspey)
  12. Figure it Out   (3×32 bar Reel)
  13. Rachel in Maryland   (4×32 bar Jig)
  14. Branches Together   (96 bar Strathspey)
  15. There and Back   (8×32 bar Reel)

A list of the tunes for each track is included under the Additional Information tab.

Sample of Time to Meet                Time to Meet

Sample of The Pleasure is Mine  The Pleasure Is Mine

Additional information

Weight 120 g
Tunes played for each track

1. Mackenzie's Farewell to Sutherland; Kathleen's Jig; Marg's Jig
2. Sarah Elizabeth; Archduke John of Austria; Mr Martin; Lady Hamilton of Dalrymple
3. The Skimpy Reel; One for All; Two for One; The Berwick Braveheart
4. Auchtertool Volunteers Quickstep
5. Miss Leslie Cunningham; Delavaird Brig
6. Miss Jean Donaldson's Hornpipe; Tony Reid; Judith Petersen; Frank's Reel
7. Bouncing the Bairn; Father Kelly; So It's Off with the Good St. Nicholas Boat
8. Rannoch Lodge; Tom Elliot; The Lichted Ha'
9. I'm Pedalin' Doon Hill; Smithy's Black Beauty; Muse Cottage Revisited
10. Mary Bain's Wedding; Syd Chalmers; Lizzie Duncan's Fancy; Dalrymple's Jig
11. Madam Frederick; Renatton's Fancy; Tom Dey; Strathspey Forever
12. Level Pegging; Stack of Cards; Abreast of the Times
13. Rachel Wilton's Delight; Hamish McIntosh; The Pomander Jig
14. The Dingles' Eightsome Room; Jim Rae
15. Roy Goldring; The Duke of York's Camp
16. Ferguson Frolics; Bill Craib; Debbie Ann's Reel; Bibbly McDonald of Fasgadh


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