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Robertson: a musical heritage


Ian Robertson – Fiddle

Muriel Johnstone – Piano

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A programme of music from four centuries where the common thread is ‘Robertson’

All the tunes have been composed for or by a Robertson.

  1. 6 / 8 Marches
  2. Set of Reels
  3. Salute to Ian Robertson
  4. When Reality Dawns
  5. Set of Jigs
  6. Set of Reels
  7. Slow Air & Slip Jig
  8. Set of Strathspeys
  9. Pipe Medley
  10. Life, Love and Loss
  11. Set of Jigs
  12. Waltzes
  13. Set of Strathspeys
  14. Set of Reels
  15. Mathilde is a Delight
  16. Pipe Jigs
  17. Set of Reels
  18. Waltzes

Sample of Marches  Robertson Tr 1 Marches

Sample of Reels       Robertson Tr 6 Reels

Sample of Waltzes   Robertson Tr 18 Waltzes

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