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Silver Tassie


Muriel Johnstone and Keith Smith

Piano and fiddle playing some of the favourite dances from the repertoire.

Includes some fabulous new compositions from both Muriel and Keith.

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Tracks on this CD:

  1. The De’il amang the Tailors  (8×32 R)
  2. The Silver Tassie  (8×32 S)
  3. The Deuks Dang O’er my Daddie  (8×40 R)
  4. John of Bon Accord  (8×32 R)
  5. Sauchie Haugh  (8×32 S)
  6. Ladies’ Fancy  (8×32 J)
  7. None so Pretty  (8×40 R)
  8. Miss Ogilvie’s Fancy  (8×32 S)
  9. Holyrood House / Argyll’s Fancy  (4×48 J)
  10. The Dancing Years  (88 R)
  11. Jean Martin of Aberdeen  (3×32 S)
  12. Reel of the Royal Scots  (8×32 R)

Sample tracks:

Holyrood House / Argyll’s Fancy  Holyrood House/Argyll’s Fancy J     Silver Tassie    Silver Tassie S     Reel of the Royal Scots    Reel of the Royal Scots R


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