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To Dance To 1


Compositions by Muriel Johnstone

A selection of Reels, Jigs, Strathspeys, Airs & Marches.

The music is written with a melody line and chord symbols.

The original in the To Dance To series.  This book contains 81 tunes.

It is also available in electronic format as an e-book.

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This book contains

  • 23 Reels
  • 22 Jigs
  • 18 Strathspeys
  • 4 Airs
  • 9 Waltzes
  • 5 Marches and Medleys

A list of the tunes is included under the Additional Information tab.

Additional information

Weight 300 g

Bill’s Bell-Bottoms
Button Boy, The
Champagne Bubbles
Da Rain Dancin’
Dorchester Dolls
Engine Room, The
Fraser’s Fiddle
Friday the Thirteenth
Hit the Spot
Hot Toddy
Kiltmaker’s Fancy
Kindness itself
Marilyn Stocker of Clan Anderson
Mr & Mrs McLaughlin of San Diego
Pinewoods Auction
Ron’s Hornpipe
Skye Garter, The
Thank Goodness It’s Monday
Torrent, The
Waverley Market
Willie Kennedy’s Salute to the Muileach


Andrew’s Never as Old as Terry
Archivist, The
Bowlens of Bundoora, The
Dancing Dido
Fair Jean
Grey-faced Ewe, The
High Lodge, The
Julian’s Jig
Laughter Ben the Room
Margo’s Love
Mark’s Jig
Miss Cynthia Mackay
Miss Jenny Tawse
Moffat Ram, The
Noreen MacLennan
Over the Hill
Pogo Stick, The
Pearlin’ Jean
Scamp, The
Shin Falls
Shuttlecock, The


A Tribute to Margaret Gillies
ACH – The Director
Barbara McOwen’s Strathspey
Diane Thorburn Holden
Groves o’ Larch
Half A Ton
Iain Stuart Robertson
John Derek Evans
John Monro Sturrock
Kenneth MacGregor Holden
La Passeggiatta
Lumsden Wing
Marjorie Easton McLaughlin
McIntosh Hall
Miss Leslie Cunningham
The 60th Summer School
University Hall


Awakening, The
Dawning of the Day, The


Caroline’s Waltz
Corner Cottage Waltz, The
From Southport to Melbourne
Gran Douglas
Leslye’s Waltz
Orkney Silver
Sainte Placide
Sea Eagles Over the Minch

Marches & Medleys

Black Grouse, The
Mimie Hughson’s Welcome
Moira Abernethy


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