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To Dance To 2 (download)


Compositions by Muriel Johnstone

A selection of Jigs, Strathspeys, Slow Airs, Reels and Waltzes

The music is written with 2 hand piano arrangement and chord symbols.

The second book in the To Dance To series which contains 36 tunes.

This is the electronic download version.  It is also available in hard copy

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The book contains

  • 8 Jigs
  • 11 Strathspeys
  • 3 Slow airs
  • 12 Reels
  • 2 Waltzes

A list of the tune titles is included under the Additional Information tab

Additional information


Governor’s House
Heather’s Jig
In the Music Block
Meg’s Mount
Morag’s Jig
Peggy’s Jig
St. Andrews ’75
Woolmarket, The


Bill Hamilton
Bill Clement
Brian Harry
Dingles’ Eightsome Room, The
Furth o’ Clyde
Hiding Behind the Pillars
Jim Rae
Miss Eileen Meiklejohn
Miss Heather Bartel
Mr. David Gray
Rita’s Fancy

Slow Airs

Allan Gillie
Bell Tower, The
Cobham Hall


Alexander Small
Barnton Roundabout
Bo’sun’s Chair, The
Doctor and His Lady, The
East of the Rockies
Ladies Skerrs
Mae Aitkenhead
Master W.E.R. Hatch
Pharmacist, The
Sharper’s Point
Splice the Mainbrace
Willie Hunter


Gentle Mother, The
Lullaby for William


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