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To Dance To 4


Compositions by Muriel Johnstone

A selection of Reels, Jigs, Strathspeys and Airs

The music is written with a melody line and chord symbols.

This book is also available as an e-book.

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This book contains 111 tunes:

  • 46 reels
  • 27 jigs
  • 35 strathspeys
  • 3 airs

The tune titles are listed under the Additional Information tab

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Alastair's Jig
Blue and White Quilt, The
Cherry Blossom Time
Clockwork Comic, The
Continental, The
Douglas Baygull\'s Jig
Ewan Telford\'s Jig
Gina\'s Jig
Hand for Mairi, A
JB Jig, The
Jiggin\' Aboot
Kirsten\'s Jig
Linda\'s Laughter
Lincoln Imp, The
Loggers\' Jig, The
Maria\'s Return
Misses Orgeret, The
Rachel Wilton\'s Delight
Raven Lodge
Ride the Wind (Tatsu-Do),
Submariner\'s Jig, The
Susan & Fergie
Three Bernadettes, The
Wee Somethin\', A
Welcome to Auchnahyle


Alastair Ross
Alexander Lumsden
Avril\'s Hornpipe
Beadhead Woolly Bugger, The
Berwick Braveheart, The
Birnam Station
Buckie Loon, The
Bungee Jump
David Cunningham\'s Welcome to Canada
Doris\'s Legacy
Dragon Racers, The
Duchess, The
Esdaile Reel
Fiddling Frank
Fozzie\'s Flute
George Sessford – A Highland Gentleman
Hyperbaric Hornpipe, The
Jolly Roger
Ken\'s Way
Lad fae Dundee, The
Latitude 50
Level Pegging
Lindsay\'s Classic
Maxwells of Rutherglen, The
Miss Audrey Benzies
Mole, The
Mr Houston of Robert\'s Wharf
Muriel Johnstone\'s compliments to Jim Lindsay
Murray McAndrew
Muse Cottage Revisited
One for All
Open the Bottle
Pat Houghton\'s Hornpipe
Pitter Patter
Sandbox Sailors
Skimpy Reel, The
Stag\'s Leap
Stanley Burn
Still Going Strong
Swarthmore College Reel, The
Two for One
Up Periscope
Vienna Reel, The
Walking Backwards
Wouter\'s Joy


Anglins of Ottawa, The
Anne Carter's Fancy
Anne McAndrew
Anne Riley's Whimsy
Bruce Frazer
Certificate Strathspey, The
Chris Harris's Strathspey
Dr David Quarrie
E for Evelyn
Eric's Return to Tine
Flagstaff and Cairn, The
Fuffin' Low
Geneva Makes Three
Grange Hall, The
Houghtons of Meddat, The
Jane Mo Gradh
Ken Way's Strathspey
Mistress Mary
Monica Roots
Mr Mervyn Short
Mr Purves, the Tailor
Mrs Stella Fogg
Muriel Johnstone's compliments to Graham Donald
Muriel Johnstone's compliments to Peter Shand
Muriel Johnstone's compliments to Ruth Jappy
My Best Girl
Ruth Frae Pitlochry
Salute to Sandy Gallamore
Ship of Dreams – The Titanic
Steele of Dornoch
Swiss Chris
Weather Rock Welcome
Windswept Moors, The


As the River Flows
Chasing the Eclipse
Non-Judgemental Air, The


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